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Doors Of Compassion

Christian Faith Outreach Centre operates the Doors of Compassion (DOC), a 20-bed, emergency housing-focused shelter that supports people 18 and older who are unsheltered. DOC began as a pilot initiative called "Out Of The Cold" during the 2019/2020 winter season. In November 2020, we transitioned from the successful In, Out of the Cold (IOTC) pilot program at Camp Samac to our own 24/7 shelter - 20 beds.

Our Vision

Transform Lives and Impact Communities.


We are a registered non-profit charity governed by a volunteer Board of Directors working in partnership with the Durham Region and community organizations.

Helping Hands
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Our Mission

Provide safe, supervised housing-focused shelters and services for people experiencing homelessness. We partner with the community to end chronic homelessness in Durham Region.

Our Services

Clients have access to an advocate who supports them in their goals of exiting homelessness and transitioning to sustainable housing outcomes. Once a client leaves Doors of Compassion, they are paired with a Housing Maintenance Specialist who helps provide holistic support as they transition into the community.

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Our Goals

Some of our long term goals are: 

  1. Find and establish year-round support and housing for unsheltered people. This space would not be limited to the unsheltered population living on the streets but also our most hidden population such as couch surfers, those in shelters, new immigrants, marginalized people and anyone who needs access to these resources.

  2. Year-round day programs that teach practical life skills and reintegration into society after homelessness.

How can I help

Contribute today by making a donation There is no amount too big or too small, every donation will help make an impact. Thank you very much in advance for your contribution to this because it means so much to us and our community.

You can also volunteer at our Doors Of Compassion,

Please fill out the contact form and we will be in touch!

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Church Office

DOC (Shelter)

Ajax Hub


158 Harwood Avenue South, Suite 203

Ajax, ON L1S 2H6

Office Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

9 AM – 5 PM

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